The collection of Protected Personal Information or Personal data is not a new phenomenon. Since the early ages, civilizations have collected and kept records of users. However, with the ever advancing developments in information technology and the changing nature of big tech, come new challenges for Personal Information and its exploitation.

In the 21st century the average user shares more information than ever before. This trend has become ubiquitous in our daily lives, as businesses and enterprises collect information at an unprecedented rate, without considering the possible impacts that such collection may have.

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Data and Privacy Law in Namibia – the missing protection we need

Cynetio in collaboration with the Internet Society of Namibia is excited to present a free webinar on Saturday the 13th of March 2021 15:00 CAT.

This webinar will feature a panel discussion with industry representatives and experts on the urgency of implementing data protection in Namibia for all Namibians.

Free online registration is open at the following link:

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So you’ve just received an important looking message from an official looking source asking you to verify some information. Perhaps the tax office, your bank or even a friend? You clicked the attachment, it opened a web page where filed in all the details and off it went.

Phishing email impersonating ITAS Namibia
Example phishing scam (ITAS Namibia February 11 2021)

But then you realized all was not as it seems.

We know how quickly a phishing scam can happen and this article is here to help you sort out that mess before it gets worse.

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A short while back we were given free access to the Pro version of the internet and security focused search engine Spyse.

Cynetio has performed a review of the service by putting it through its paces with some of the work that we might conventionally perform. The results of this are presented in this article.

Spyse markets itself as an Internet Search Engine that allows you to perform reconnaissance of almost any internet connected assets – that’s quite a spicy feature isn’t it?

The name amusingly in Dutch and Afrikaans literally translates to ‘spices’.

But no, it’s much more than that and I will illustrate why and how it allows you to build a picture of yours or anyone else’s external network footprint or uncover details about bad actors’ networks.

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