Cyber Security Auditing & Pentesting

Let us show you how we can help your enterprise lead in cyber defense​

Security Auditing and Penetration Testing is the process of validating and testing if compliance standards and solid defense in-depth security measures are implemented and effectively protecting your organisations most valuable assets against hacks, data leaks or other threats.

Our Service

In a simulated real world hack our team will attempt to penetrate your business defenses and attack and assess assets, including systems, applications, networks, employees, security and continuity processes against industry standard security policies and best practices.

Professional Security Audits can help you identify and avoid critical threats before financial loss, legal consequences, loss of shareholder confidence or reputational harm takes place.


Our security assessment is designed to enumerate and interrogate target assets to evaluate the current security position according to your specific business needs.

All our assessments follow the Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual (OSSTM, which is a best-practice penetration-testing framework).

As a general rule our assessments are performed in 5 Stages:

At the conclusion of the project, a full report will be submitted (through secure methods) containing findings with supporting evidence and recommendations which summarize the vital issues pertaining to the assessment.

By arrangement, a full debrief will be held with the assessment team and client representatives during which the main findings of the assessment will be covered to ensure they are fully understood with the corresponding recommendations.

Why Should Security Matter To Me?

Modern business is an increasingly internet connected affair.

It opens new business opportunities, services, markets and allows for a new way of business to business and business to customer interaction at a previously unimaginable scale.

Every communication, service, system or transaction conducted now has an online presence. Online sales of services and products have become a Trillion-dollar enterprise.

Computers, networks and the data generated on them by users form the backbone of the 21st Century economy.
Information, personal or otherwise has become one of the most valuable commodities of our age. Something that criminal interests are all too eager to exploit for their own gain.


Stolen credit card information for sale on ‘Jokers Stash’ a dark web site specializing in the sale of large volumes of credit cards. It is believed the almost 30 million cards are involved.

Securing systems and people against exploitation by criminal interests can mean the difference between a successful modern enterprise and financial or reputational ruin.


On the 12th of May 2017 Nurses and Doctors at hospitals across the UK began their shifts by logging into their patient information systems. They were greeted by the ominous message of the WannaCry Ransomware worm. Critical patient information had been encrypted or entirely lost.

Within 4 days the automated replicating malware had infected 300’000 unpatched Windows computers across 150 countries.

3 in 5 small businesses affected never fully recovered.



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From agriculture to software development, businesses small and large that want to take advantage of today’s technology need to recognize the consequent need to find and maintain system security against ever evolving threats.